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OK, here goes…

This is an initial list of helpful networks, organizations and art schools with environmental content or inter- and transdisciplinary programs – a blogroll compacted into a post 🙂

The list is not complete, and we’re grateful for further suggestions and reciprocal posting! Below that is an ongoing list of artists who have worked with soil or soil conservation issues. Some are personal friends and colleagues, others are iconographic art heroes who have no idea of our attempt to bridge these two worlds. We have had the pleasure of interviewing some of these wonderful people and will hopefully get some of that material online soon.

Networks and Organizations

American Society of Arts and Sciences

Art and Science Collaborations Inc. (ASCI)

Center for Sustainable Practice and the Arts (CSPA)

Cultura21 webmagazine

Eco Art Space

Eco Arts Network

free soil


Land Project (Thailand)

Land Views

Leonardo International Society for the Arts, Sciences and Technology

Network for Art and Renewable Energy Technologies


Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts

Society for Literature, Science and the Arts

Sustainability and Contemporary Art

University Programs

Art and Environmental Sustainability at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)

Environmental Art, Aalto University Finnland

Harvard Department of Visual and Environmental Studies (VES)

Institute for Arts in Context, University of Arts Berlin

MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies

MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology (ACT)

National Institute for Experimental Arts (NIEA) Australia

Research in Art Nature and the Environment (RANE) University College Falmouth

STUDIO for Creative Inquiry at Carnegie Mellon University


Balkan Erotic Epic Marina Abramovic
Magdalena Oil Spill Ala Plastica
Earth Nest Jane Ingram Allen
When Faith Moves Mountains Francis Alys
Earth Paintings Ulrike Arnold
Co-incidence Anne Ausloos
Eingeweckte Welt Michel Badura
Waterwash Lillian Ball
Bellevue Sobriety Garden Joan Bancroft
Big Mud Julie Bargman, in collaboration with Mel Chin
The Physarum Experiments: slime mould drawings & animations Heather Barnett
Message Earth Paolo Barrile
Hylozoic Soil Philip Beesley
Erdschollen Archiv Betty Beier
Metropolis Vaugn Bell
Erdtelefon, 7000 Eichen Joseph Beuys
One Mile Garden (also Nine Mile Run) Bob Bingham
Correlation Drawing / Drawing Correlations: A Five Borough Reconnaissance Soil Survey Margaret Boozer
Barra project, World Series, 1992 – 2010; Journey to the Surface of the Earth  Boyle Family
Brick Row Planter, Mayone Woodland Bob Braine together with Leslie Reed
Urban Rain; Prima Lingua; Of Earth and Cotton Jackie Brookner
Clay Pit Basin; Lost Properties of Clay Lu La Buzz
Poster Plants Cheung & Martindale
Revival Fields, Loom Mel Chin
Ground Up: Photographs of the Ground in the Margins of Los Angeles CLUI
Urban Prospecting, ReMarshing, Alviso’s Medicinal All-Salt Jon Cohrs
Living Drawings Created with Bioluminescent Bacteria Hunter Cole
9 Mile Run & 3 Rivers and 2nd Nature Reiko Goto and Tim Collins
Reclamation Project Xavier Cortada
Earth Worm House Luciana Costa
Keepers of the Waters Betsy Damon
Das Numen A. Greiner, J. Charrière, F. Kiessling, M. Hoffmann
The New York Earth Room Walter De Maria
Earth Museum herman de vries
Wheatfield – A Confrontation, Tree Mountain Agnes Denes
sand drawings and worldwide moveable feast called Outstanding in the field Jim Denevan
Self Decomposing Laboratory Georg Dietzler
One Meter of Jungle, Neukom Vivarium Mark Dion
You Urs Fischer
Fungutopia Tine Tillmann, Laura Popplow & Kyra Porada
Victory Gardens Amy Franceschini & Future Farmers
Soil Kitchen Amy Franceschini & Future Farmers
Art in Nature Works Andy Goldsworthy
Terragraphy Ekkeland Götze
Mud Stencils Rule Jesse Graves
Eine Erde Altar Marianne Greve
Der Deutsche Volk, Bodenlos, Gras Wächst Hans Haacke
Edible Estates Fritz Haeg
Elevated Wetlands Noel Harding
Endangered Meadows of Europe, California Wash, Art Park: Spoils’ Pile Reclamation Helen Mayer and Newton Harrison
Sleep (periods underground) Isabelle Hayeur
Double Negative, Effigy Tumuli Michael Heizer
Kompostskulptur Werner Henkel
What Every Gardener Knows Susan Hiller
Unfamiliar Ground, Swords to Plowshares, Agiterra, Contaminated Sarah Hirneisen
Unterirdische Engpassage,  90 Grad. Boden-/Luft-Aufnahme Wallensteinplatz Florian Huettner
Decrustate Anneli Ketterer
Earth, Water, Fire, Air; Architecture of Vulnerability, Installation at Terre Vulnerabili KIMSOOJA
Pedagogical Island, Sedimentaries Nance Klehm
Removing red soil sediment for reclamation of the fishery, Asphalt surgery, Moving Soil Yutaka Kobayashi
Keweenaw Project: The Place Where One Crosses Over Ingrid Koivukangas
Pataters Birgit Kratzheller
Earth peels Lisa Kriner
Seegeniederung im Ausnahmezustand, Tierfriedhof Till Krause
Soil library Koichi Kurita
University of the Trees, with Shelly Sacks Hildegard Kurt
Serigraphie Martine Lafon
The Infinity Burial Project Jae Rhim Lee
AMD&ART Stacy Levy
Peat Baths Pia Lindman
Writing the Pages, and other book arts using earth Mary Ellen Long
Mud Circles, Lines made by walking Richard Long
Pod #002, Parasite Heating Unit Rikke Luther
Urban Run-off Basket, and other water and erosion sculptures Daniel McCormick
Silueta Series Ana Mendieta
Beneath the Pavement: A Garden Myriel Milicevic
Seed Bombs, Subdivisions, Rammed Earth Interperative Area Kathryn Miller
Earth Light Objects Alfons J. Kleine Möllhoff
This Earth, Bioglyphs Daro Montag
Digital Farm Collective; Urban Plough, Moore Estates Matthew Moore
Erde Haben Keine Füsse haben Marcela Moraga
Stalker Laboratorio d´Arte Urbana osservatorio nomade
Soil Erg Claire Pentecost
Planterboxes Posterchild
Prinzessinnengärten Marco Clausen & Robert Shaw Malen mit den Farben der Erde Irene Racek
Trigger Points Aviva Rahmani
Re:farm the City Re:farm the City
PARK(ing) Day REBAR Studio
Nature Watercolors Mario Reis
unearthing roots Reinhard Reizenstein
hot summer of urban farming Nis Roemer with Future Farmer’s Amy Franceschini
Carbon Cafe Ann Rosenthal
Down to Earth Lezli Rubin-Kunda
not your grandmother’s groundwater, cracked earth coasters Christy Rupp
Stripping Kilian Rüthemann
Earth Forum Shelly Sacks
Flood Stage Mara Adamitz Scrupe
Die Kabelseele Walter Siegfried
Mental Earth; Grown Walls; Little People Dwellings Charles Simonds
Alterra Institute for Environmental Research Michael Singer
Three Possibilities for Reintroduction Shaun Slifer
Test Dig No. 1 Erik Smith
Spiral Jetty, Broken Circle & Spiral Hill, Asphalt Rundown Robert Smithson
Time Landscape, Pool of Earth, Earth Mapping Element Selection Living Museum Alan Sonfist
Thinking Box Anne-Katrin Spiess
Mittendrin am Rande; Komi George Steinmann
Urban Defence Susan Steinmann
More Moor Performances John Sturgeon
Seven Attempts to Make a Ritual Joel Tauber
Ikon Earth; Black Country Rock Things that Fall
Fungifiction Tine Tillmann
Entrance Nils Udo
Touch Sanition, Manifesto for Maintenance Art; Fresh Kills Landfill and Sanitation Garage Mierle Laderman Ukeles
BodenLeben Beatrice Voigt
Kitchen Garden; Moss Bed Meg Webster
Cut, Burning and Walking, Portable Garden, Mobile Landscape Lois Weinberger
Sammlung Weltensand Elvira Wersch
Das Eichelschwein Projekt Insa Winkler
Forest Tunes – The Library Shai Zakai
When Dust Settles Su Zhiguang

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