Desertification | France 2011

Contrary to popular perception, desertification is not the loss of land to desert or through sand-dune movement. It refers to land degradation resulting from climatic variations and human activities. It is not a natural process; it is the result of mankind’s actions. Today, a third of land is threatened by desertification.

In 2011, Yann Arthus-Bertrand directed two films for the United Nations : the film Forest, official film of the 2011 International Year of the Forest, and the film Desertification. Both were screened during UN General Assemblies. Yann founded a non-profit production company, “Hope”. Hope has two major projects in development: for the World Water Forum, Yann is directing a film narrating the history of water and reminding us that reasoned management of water is a crucial challenge for our century. For Rio + 20, Yann is also working on the film “Planet Ocean”. This film aims to promote understanding of the importance of oceans in the ecosystem.

Desertification | Full Movie

France | 2011
6 min
Director: Yann Arthus-Bertrand
Production: UNCCD | Global Environment Facility


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