Drought / Cuates de Australia | Mexico 2011

The Cuates de Australia is communally owned land in Northeast Mexico. The indigenous community here is close knit, together farming the vast desert land, raising cattle and watching their precious water supply dwindle as they wait for rain.

Everardo González creates an impressionistic cinema vérité portrait of the families struggling to survive the elements. Stunning photography beautifully captures the magnificent panorama of the Mexican plains and the intimate home life of the cowboys, children and elders who must prepare for an inevitable mass exodus in search of water.

González contrasts vibrant celebrations of life—an expectant young couple, baptisms, family dinners, village fiestas—with the looming threat of death. As an elder woman states, “God must have a reason for not sending the rain.” Climate change is worsening the drought with each year and this deep-rooted community is one of many on the brink of extinction.[Text courtesy of Lynne Crocker, Hotdocs]

Drought | Trailer

Mexico | 2011
90 min
Director: Everardo González
Production: Martha Orozco


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