Down to Earth

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 3.42.17 PM

Just discovered Down to Earth, a nice new short film about Becker Farms and its quest to rebuild soil and community in Mooreland, Indianna. Filmmakers Sarah Dreibelbisand Colin Hart tell the enchanting, real life farming story of the Becker Family, with interviews with Will Allen, Joel Salatin, Ron Carte, Joe Donnelly, and Julie Obudzinski, among others, to link the Beckers’ story to the growing locavore movement in the United States.”This is the real schnizzle dizzle” says grass-farming pioneer and local food movement hero, Joel Salatin.

“Growing local is about more than just growing food; it is also about growing relationships and growing communities. Our film demonstrates all of these types of growth from the perspective of a local farming family in East Central Indiana. The film follows the Beckers in their daily efforts to create a positive future for their land, family, customers, and community. It documents the obstacles that make it difficult for small farms to succeed while also showing the good that can result from these types of operations. The film raises several questions about our food system. Do we need to know who grew our food, or where it was produced? Is communication between farmers and consumers important? What can be done to help sustainable, local operations like Becker Farms thrive ? These are the issues we must consider as we shape a food system that will affect our world and our future in a positive and sustainable way.”



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