DIRT DIALOGUES: An Integrated Arts Program at the 20th WCSS

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 10.13.40 AMIn an age of accelerated global soil degradation, creative approaches to protecting the soil are needed now more than ever. The integrated program of artists’ posters and films at the 20th WCSS is meant to spark dialogue and creative exchange about raising soil awareness. The poster exhibition includes over thirty art projects that use soil materially or symbolically. In addition to a central exhibition in the lobby, contributions are featured in selected scientific sessions, for example an artist’s work with Terra Preta in the session on “Biochar Soil Amendments,” or a willow-sculpture to control hillside erosion in the session on “Physical Restoration of Soils.”

The film program during the lunch and coffee breaks provides diverse perspectives on agriculture, resource extraction, desertification, and fieldwork. The program includes works by award-winning documentary filmmakers, media artists, soil scientists, and NGOs that develop a narrative of soil stewardship around the world.

By integrating the arts into of one of the largest and most prominent scientific conferences on soils, different areas of expertise are brought together to inspire new opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration, and to expand the horizons of soil protection and communication.

Dirt Dialogues is a collaboration between soilarts.org and 20th WCSS staff. We invite you to join the dialogue!


Monday, June 9, 2014

Margaret Boozer | C1.4-1 Marginal Soils

Jackie Brookner | C1.1-2 Interactions between Soil Structure, Living Organism and Organic Matter

Center for Land Use Interpretation | IDS4 Critical Issues of Radionuclide Behavior in Soils and Remediation

Georg Dietzler | IDS10 Impact of Bioenergy Cropping on Soils and the Environment

Helen Lessick | DS7 African Eco-Efficient Solutions to Food Insecurity and Climate Change

Myriel Milicevic and Ruttikorn Vuttikorn | IDS1 Folk Soil Knowledge for Soil Taxonomy and Assessment

Bonnie Ora Sherk | DS6 Soils in the Anthropocene Era: Global Health, Food Security, and Human Health

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ekkeland Götze | C1.5-2 Quantification and Application of Uncertainty in Pedometrics

Ellie Irons | WG6 Urban Soils-Properties, Functions and Evolution

Anneli Ketterer | C4.5-1 The Soil Underfoot: Infinite Possibilities for a Finite Resource

Ayumi Matsuzaka | IDS5*2 Biochar Soil Amendment for Environmental and Agronomic Benefits I

Daniel McCormick & Mary O’brien | C3.5-4 Physical Restoration of Soils

Nil By Mouth | IDS3 Soil Information and Food Security

Jay Noller | C1.1-1 The Role of Environment on Soil formation: Morphological Indicators

Smudge Studio | C1.6-1 Paleopedology

Ken Van Rees | C4.2-1 Linking forest Management and Soil Processes to Ecosystem Productivity and Functions

Elvira Wersche | C1.2-1 Pedodiversity and Ecological Services –Bridging Soil Geography and Land Use

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Betty Beier | WG10 Cryosols on a Changing Planet: Properties, Processes, Regimes and Functions

Future Farmers | C1.2-2 Soil Data, Spatial information Systems and Interpretation Procedures

Sarah Hirneisen | C2.4-1 Mineralogy and Reactivity of Soil Microsites

Mathias Kessler | C3.5-3 Management and Reclamation of Mining Site Soils

Nance Klehm | DS5 Soil Health: Key to Food Security

Maria Michails | C2.1-3 Hydro-Ecological Observatories and Advances in Soil Measurements and Sensors

Daro Montag | C2.3-2*2 Life in Soils – Distribution and Function of Soil Microorganisms in a Changing Environment

Tattfoo Tan | C4.4-1 Education and Social Awareness for Soil Science in General Public

Urbaniahoeve | C3.3-2 Advances in Rhizosphere Regulation and Soil Nutrient Management

Peter Ward | C2.4-3 Minerals as Regulators of Carbon Flow Through Soils

Friday, June 13, 2014

Ulrike Arnold | WG8 Proximal Soil Sensing

Georg Dietzler | C2.2-3 Behavior and Fate of Pollutants Entering the Soil Environment

Patrick Lydon & Suhee Kang | C4.5-2 Cultural Perspectives on Soils and Soil Science

Matthew Moore | C3.3-4*2 Soil Management Strategy for Enhancing Crop Yields

Laura Parker | C2.5-1 Advances in Techniques to Investigate Chemical, Physical and Biological Interfaces in Soils

Aviva Rahmani | C3.4-1 Design and Performance of Cover Systems for Landfills and Contaminated Sites

Alexandra Toland | WG13 Progress in Digital Soil Mapping and GlobalSoilMap

Urbaniahoeve | C3.3-4*2 Soil Management Strategy for Enhancing Crop Yields

Gerd Wessolek | WG11 Soil Information Exchange Standards and Systems

Monday: When the Water Ends – Desertification on Film

Lunch Break Begin: 12:40

The Man Who Stopped The Desert, Mark Dodd / 1080 Films

Coffee Break Begin: 15:30

The Value of Soil                  Promotional Short                  Climate Media Factory

Desertfication                  Short Film                  Yann Arthus Bertrand / Fondation Good Planet

When the water ends                  Short Film                  Jennifer Redfearn & Evan Abramson / Mediastorm

Aral – the Lost Sea                  Short Film                  Isabel Coixet / We Are Water Foundation

Tuesday: AgriCultures – From Plot to Plough

Lunch Break Begin: 12:40

The Plow that Broke the Plains                  Short Film                  Pare Lorenz / US Government, Resettlement Administration 1937

Soil Health Card                  Promotional Short                  Soil Care Inc.

Corner Plot                  Short Film                  Ian Cook, Andre Dahlmann

3 Acres in Detroit                  Short Film                  Nora Mandray, Hélène Bienvenu

Coffee Break Begin: 15:30

Soil Kitchen                  Artist Documentation                  Future Farmers

The Final Straw                  Short Film                  Patrick Lydon & Suhee Kang

Soil is a Diamond                  Short Film

Agricultural Philosophy                  Short Film                  Jason Taylor & Chintan Gohil

Upendra has Worms                  Short Film                  Jason Taylor & Chintan Gohil

Lifecycles                  Artist Film                  Matthew Moore

Light/Dark Worms                  Artist Film                  Justin Rang

Special Event In Tamna Hall                  Alex Toland

Thursday: Just Digging? – From Extraction to Enlightenment

Lunch Break Begin: 12:40

Sand Wars                  Feature Documentary                  Denis Delestrac, Guillaume Rappeneau, Laurent Mini

Coffee Break Begin: 15:30

Elvira Wersche: Sammlung Weltensand

Joel Tauber: Seven Attempts to make a ritual                  Elvira Wersche

S*OIL                  Joel Tauber

Nance Klehm: Earth Cavities and Soil Profiles                  Maria Michailis

Lillian Ball: Waterwash ABC                  Artist Film                  Nance Klehm

Orogeny                  Artist Documentation                  Lillian Ball

Friday: Soils Embrace Life and Universe

Lunch Break Begin: 12:40

Dirt – The Movie                  Bill Benenson, Gene Rosow / Common Ground Media

Coffee Break Begin: 15:30

Old Partner                  I Chunglyeol / Go Yeongjae



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