lifecycles – radish

Time lapse of radishes. 45 days to harvest.
I am a fourth generation farmer whose land and life are quickly being overcome by suburbia. Because of the encroachment I was inspired to create ‘lifecycles’ to collect and share the images from the most important daily process of agriculture, the growth of our produce. Using timelapse photography, I have begun the process of filming everything I grow, and inviting other farmers to do the same. The arranged short films show a single production cycle of each plant/tree. Ambient noises are taken from the farm and plants while growing, and the accompanying music is composed by musicians inspired by the footage. I invite you to watch your food grow, and better understand what an effort these plants undertake to make it to the marketplace and later to your tables. Thanks for your time, and I hope you enjoy watching them grow as much as I have.

Image and text: Matthew Moore


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